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What’s new, September 2013

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The reac­tiv­i­ty of our admin­is­tra­tion pan­el has been great­ly improved: almost all oper­a­tions that require sev­er­al sec­onds of pro­cess­ing are now per­formed asyn­chro­nous­ly. All the … Keep read­ing

With Your Permission

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This arti­cle comes on the heels of an impor­tant update to the admin­is­tra­tive inter­face: we have com­plete­ly reworked the authen­ti­ca­tion sys­tem. So that you can … Keep read­ing

alwaysdata in Portuguese

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Our admin­is­tra­tion pan­el is now avail­able in a twelfth lan­guage, Portuguese. Many thanks to Pedro Moreno Chagas Ligeiro Nascimento for his work.