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Here’s the news from the first 2014 edition of our “What’s new” series (reread the September edition):

  • A new, lighter documentation platform that’s online; we’re also counting on your feedback for improvement, so that it will be as complete as possible.
  • Abuse notification form: In order to best prevent abuse (spam, phishing, etc.), we can now be warned directly through this form on our site. As part of this effort, we are now part of the StopBadware program, like some other hosting platform.
  • Billing: You can now choose the day of billing, which is more flexible and practical when you have multiple subscriptions (hosting, IP address, etc.). If you set this option, a pro-rated bill (for each product subscription) is generated to align the dates.
  • Billing: Download all of your bills (and receipts) in zip format.
  • spam, postmaster, and hostmaster email boxes can now be created.
  • PHP : versions 5.5.6 and 5.4.22 are now available.
  • Django : versions 1.6 and 1.6.1 are now available.
  • Support: Display the number of unread tickets in the “Support” menu.