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Dear read­ers, the Alwaysdata team wish­es you a hap­py 2014. We hope it brings you joy, hap­pi­ness, health, and suc­cess in all your projects! On this last point, our 2013 was mag­nif­i­cent and 2014 looks to be even better.


Thanks to the strong growth of our plat­form since its release (in 2007), this year we were able to expand our team (on a human scale) to improve some resources: cus­tomer sup­port and low­er-lev­el devel­op­ment. These appoint­ments allowed us to focus on what we believe are impor­tant values:

  • The qual­i­ty of ser­vice that we strive to pro­vide to our clients: quick­ly and effi­cient­ly respond to all ques­tions but also pro­vide sim­ple and prac­ti­cal tools (online intro­duc­tion of our new doc­u­men­ta­tion plat­form upon which any feed­back is welcome).
  • Innovation: there’s a long chain between the phys­i­cal servers and your web appli­ca­tions. Its opti­miza­tion requires many skill lev­els: net­work admin­is­tra­tion, script­ing lan­guages, web devel­op­ment (back and front), ergonom­ics, etc. We strive, as much as we can, to con­trol every link in the chain.
  • Communication: although you can reach us by sup­port tick­et, IRC, or even Twitter, this is still prob­a­bly our weak­est point, but we want to improve and com­mu­ni­cate more fre­quent­ly. For exam­ple, this year we imple­ment­ed the “What’s new” arti­cles (see the March, June, and September edi­tions). Strengthening our team should allow us the free time in the medi­um-term to com­mu­ni­cate more often and more effectively.

There weren’t real­ly many major inno­va­tions in 2013, but this is only because we have been work­ing in par­al­lel on large projects that are com­ing very soon.

Near future

With this growth and these new resources, our team has been head­ing for impor­tant changes for some time. We’ll be talk­ing about this news soon on this blog, because they deserve their own spe­cif­ic arti­cles. In order to slight­ly clar­i­fy this “teas­er”, be aware that an impor­tant deci­sion was made con­cern­ing our hard­ware architecture…