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Dear readers, the Alwaysdata team wishes you a happy 2014. We hope it brings you joy, happiness, health, and success in all your projects! On this last point, our 2013 was magnificent and 2014 looks to be even better.


Thanks to the strong growth of our platform since its release (in 2007), this year we were able to expand our team (on a human scale) to improve some resources: customer support and lower-level development. These appointments allowed us to focus on what we believe are important values:

  • The quality of service that we strive to provide to our clients: quickly and efficiently respond to all questions but also provide simple and practical tools (online introduction of our new documentation platform upon which any feedback is welcome).
  • Innovation: there’s a long chain between the physical servers and your web applications. Its optimization requires many skill levels: network administration, scripting languages, web development (back and front), ergonomics, etc. We strive, as much as we can, to control every link in the chain.
  • Communication: although you can reach us by support ticket, IRC, or even Twitter, this is still probably our weakest point, but we want to improve and communicate more frequently. For example, this year we implemented the “What’s new” articles (see the March, June, and September editions). Strengthening our team should allow us the free time in the medium-term to communicate more often and more effectively.

There weren’t really many major innovations in 2013, but this is only because we have been working in parallel on large projects that are coming very soon.

Near future

With this growth and these new resources, our team has been heading for important changes for some time. We’ll be talking about this news soon on this blog, because they deserve their own specific articles. In order to slightly clarify this “teaser”, be aware that an important decision was made concerning our hardware architecture…