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After the March launch of the first article in our series, “What’s New” here is the second edition, and the recent work we want to speak about:

  • A new collaborative translation platform has been developed so that everyone can contribute to the building. Any contribution is welcome, and we’re even looking for leaders (native speakers) in most languages (free hosting with key).
  • You can see and kill PostgreSQL/MySQL processes yourself from the administration interface.
  • A new section, “Status of services”: find the list of services/servers in our architecture and see if a current operation relates to your account. You can see the same operations as on the state of our services, but in relation to each of your accounts.
  • During initialization of a transfer of a domain name: ability to change ownership and choose between your current registrar’s DNS or ours.
  • The alpha version of our API (the beta version comes just at the end of development) received some corrections.
  • Twitter tip: a single #hashtag will now be associated with a single operation. This change affects only the account @ad_status.