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It’s with great pleasure that we announce today the official release of our API in beta version. It’s the official release because the API was already available (in alpha version) for some privileged people who helped us with regular feedback on its use, and it’s the beta version because we will now rely on many of you to help improve this new tool.


To make it very simple, an API (which stands for Application Programming Interface) is a programming interface that will allow your applications to manage all of the features of your alwaysdata accounts. Our API is modern: it respects the REST architecture and offers different data serialization formats.

Use Case

In many cases, using our API will not be absolutely necessary. But the possibilities offered by such a tool will be particularly attractive in some situations, such as these examples:

  • You are an agency and have an extranet for your clients, and you want to automate the creation of an email account for each new client
  • You run a SaaS service and want each new entry on your site to launch the creation, on the fly, of a new subdomain
  • You regularly develop in your alwaysdata space and want to run your tests on a database automatically and temporarily created

Of course, these are only three examples out of many situations in which the API will be very useful. Note that in addition to the classic operations of adding, updating, and deleting a resource, specific actions may soon be possible (like, for example, restarting an application).

Go further

With the launch of this beta version, we hope to provide you with a powerful tool to assist in your projects, which is why we have put in place detailed documentation, where you will found general information about the API, the means of connecting to it but also some examples (PHP, Python, and Ruby). Your feedback and suggestions are eagerly awaited in order to further improve our services.

On your marks, get set, code!