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Like every quar­ter, here is the news and oth­er top­ics in our series, “What’s new” (see the January post):

  • Concerning the Heartbleed secu­ri­ty bug: none of our servers were affect­ed by this bug. The cer­tifi­cates used only on our servers do not need to be revoked;
  • Analyze your process­es: in order to assist you in iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of appli­ca­tion prob­lems, we have added a but­ton in the sec­tion, Advanced > Processes, on the inter­face. This is a fea­ture designed for devel­op­ers, to allow them to obtain the results of a strace com­mand on a process, and pos­si­bly to dis­play an inter­pre­ta­tion (encod­ed by our­selves). You can also iden­ti­fy, for exam­ple, calls that are slow­ing down your web pages.
  • New TLDs: added sev­er­al (gener­ic) exten­sions of domains;
  • Address dis­play to be used in most sec­tions of the admin­is­tra­tion interface;
  • Dedicated servers: man­age­ment of MySQL users with glob­al access.

And just in case you missed this information: