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New episode to keep up with quarterly news (read April’s episode) as follows:

  • The definition of your own domain/key for the DKIM signature for outgoing mail is configurable in your domain’s detail
  • Spam blocking has been improved by adding a selective greylisting (which only affects strongly suspicious hosts)
  • Clients with dedicated servers, through their alwaysdata administration, can now: 
    • manage their RabbitMQ vhosts/users
    • select a default SSL certificate in replacement of ours
  • History of actions for monitoring all operations on your account (for any user, from any source, etc.)
  • Migration (mandatory) to European debits (SEPA standard) now allows all acceding countries (28 countries in Europe) to use this method of payment
  • New domain extensions were added (see our rates) :
  • User experience (UI/UX):
    • In the alwaysdata interface, the left menu allows you to find your accounts more easily, thanks to a “smart” menu
    • The reseller interface, previously on a separate subdomain, is now integrated with the alwaysdata administration
  • (Reminder) The arrival of our API in its beta version.

The migration of our servers to our own infrastructure is also making great strides. All of our dedicated clients were contacted in recent weeks. We intend to have migrated more than 75% of our servers before the end of the summer.