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New episode to keep up with quar­ter­ly news (read April’s episode) as follows:

  • The def­i­n­i­tion of your own domain/key for the DKIM sig­na­ture for out­go­ing mail is con­fig­urable in your domain’s detail
  • Spam block­ing has been improved by adding a selec­tive greylist­ing (which only affects strong­ly sus­pi­cious hosts)
  • Clients with ded­i­cat­ed servers, through their always­da­ta admin­is­tra­tion, can now: 
    • man­age their RabbitMQ vhosts/users
    • select a default SSL cer­tifi­cate in replace­ment of ours
  • History of actions for mon­i­tor­ing all oper­a­tions on your account (for any user, from any source, etc.)
  • Migration (manda­to­ry) to European deb­its (SEPA stan­dard) now allows all acced­ing coun­tries (28 coun­tries in Europe) to use this method of payment
  • New domain exten­sions were added (see our rates) :
.agency .archi .bar .bar­gains .best
.bid .blue .bou­tique .build .buzz
.cards .cater­ing .cheap .clean­ing .club
.codes .com­mu­ni­ty .com­pa­ny .con­dos .cool
.cruis­es .dance .dat­ing .demo­c­rat .events
.expert .exposed .farm .fish .flights
.foun­da­tion .fut­bol .gift .gui­tars .hol­i­day
.immo­bilien .indus­tries .ink .jet­zt .kim
.kiwi .link .lux­u­ry .mai­son .mar­ket­ing
.nagoya .nin­ja .onl .part­ners .parts
.pics .pink .pro­duc­tions .prop­er­ties .pub
.qpon .red .rentals .report .rest
.reviews .ser­vices .shik­sha .social .sup­plies
.sup­ply .tien­da .tools .trade .vaca­tions
.via­jes .vil­las .vision .watch .web­cam
.wien.py .works .xyz .zone
  • User expe­ri­ence (UI/UX):
    • In the always­da­ta inter­face, the left menu allows you to find your accounts more eas­i­ly, thanks to a “smart” menu
    • The reseller inter­face, pre­vi­ous­ly on a sep­a­rate sub­do­main, is now inte­grat­ed with the always­da­ta administration
  • (Reminder) The arrival of our API in its beta ver­sion.

The migra­tion of our servers to our own infra­struc­ture is also mak­ing great strides. All of our ded­i­cat­ed clients were con­tact­ed in recent weeks. We intend to have migrat­ed more than 75% of our servers before the end of the summer.