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Hello every­one,

It’s with a slight delay the the always­da­ta team joins togeth­er to wish you a 2015 beyond all your expec­ta­tions. We hope that your projects see ongo­ing suc­cess and that your ideas come to fruition under the best pos­si­ble conditions!

What’s new

Let’s take advan­tage of this chance to give an overview of what has kept us busy in recent months, since the last edi­tion of our What’s new? publication.

  • Redesign of DNS records: the dis­play now allows you to see all the records con­fig­ured on your domain (includ­ing those cre­at­ed by default) and export the zone file. Of course, you can always cre­ate your own records.
  • Renaming of the serv­er address­es (hosts): the address­es of the type mysql1.alwaysdata.com have become mysql.<account_name>.alwaysdata.net, so that you don’t need to depend on a spe­cif­ic serv­er, so noth­ing will need to be done dur­ing a future migra­tion (also valid for PostgreSQL, FTP, SSH, IMAP, SMTP servers, etc.)
  • Dedicated servers:
    • We now man­age the instal­la­tion and admin­is­tra­tion of OpenVPN for cus­tomers upon request
    • Management of the email queue: view­ing mes­sages, forc­ing imme­di­ate dele­tion, delete one by one or in batch­es (via a reg­u­lar expression).
  • New VAT reg­u­la­tions: The infor­ma­tion may not tell you any­thing, because it only applies to ‘elec­tron­ic’ ser­vices. To sum­ma­rize the change that con­cerns us, we must now apply the rates in effect for the coun­try of the buy­er (not the rate in the sell­er’s coun­try). Therefore, please make sure the coun­try is entered in your pro­file, and pos­si­bly the name of your com­pa­ny and its intra­com­mu­ni­ty VAT number.
  • New domain exten­sions were added (see our domain prices):
.accoun­tants .actor .asso­ciates .auc­tion .audio
.bay­ern .beer .bio .black .busi­ness
.bzh .cap­i­tal .care .cash .church
.claims .click .clin­ic .cologne .cred­it
.cred­it­card .deals .degree .den­tal .den­tist
.diet .dig­i­tal .direct .engi­neer­ing .exchange
.fail .finance .finan­cial .fund .gent
.gifts .gives .glob­al .gratis .gripe
.guide .haus .help .hiphop .host
.immo .insure .invest­ments .jue­gos .koeln
.lease .life .lim­it­ed .loans .lon­don
.media .moda .moe .net­work .paris
.pic­tures .piz­za .place .press .prop­er­ty
.rehab .reisen .repub­li­can .restau­rant .rocks
.sarl .soft­ware .surf .surgery .tax
.town .toys .uni­ver­si­ty .web­site .world
.wtf .yoko­hama

Alwaysdata infrastructure

Also note this change that we have decid­ed to make and that has kept us busy for many months.

We can cer­tain­ly say that the most dif­fi­cult part is over:

  • Our new phys­i­cal infra­struc­ture is operational
  • Trade and process­es with our sup­pli­ers (dat­a­cen­ter, equip­ment man­u­fac­tur­ers, net­works, etc.) are going very well
  • The ded­i­cat­ed servers have all been migrat­ed to the new infra­struc­ture and the clients affect­ed are sat­is­fied and report bet­ter performance
  • Some new shared servers have been deployed: still in beta at the moment, we have migrat­ed sev­er­al vol­un­teer clients.

But there’s still more to do:

  • Open new shared accounts direct­ly on the new infra­struc­ture: this should hap­pen very shortly
  • Migrate the remain­ing shared servers (HTTP servers and data­bas­es): this will be the last task to com­plete­ly leave our old provider, which we expect to address in the mid­dle of 2015.

So what does this mean for you?

Obviously, this tran­si­tion has kept us very busy, but aside from strength­en­ing the flex­i­bil­i­ty of our offer­ings and the reli­a­bil­i­ty of our ser­vices, this does­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly change much for most of you… Rest assured, oth­er projects are under way and we are work­ing hard to offer you some impor­tant and nec­es­sary inno­va­tions this year:

  • A graph­ic over­haul: because we believe that we should not allow our plat­form to age, we have tried since its cre­ation to reg­u­lar­ly update its appear­ance, while keep­ing the inter­faces that you know and have mastered;
  • Some more mod­ern and scal­able tech­nolo­gies: we are cur­rent­ly review­ing the heart of our pack­ag­ing sys­tem in order to more quick­ly sup­port new tech­nolo­gies (to be faster with new ver­sions of lan­guages, and adding new tech­nolo­gies such as NodeJS, to men­tion only one…);
  • Consumer resource graphs of your accounts in real time in the admin­is­tra­tion interface.

And again, a hap­py new year to every­one, see you soon!