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UPDATE 2020-03-23: Due to the reinforcement of the restrictions in place as part of the containment currently in application in France, our supplies and interventions are restricted. This situation may increase the processing duration of certain operations (new servers and configuration changes in particular). We will keep you informed on a one-off basis by support ticket depending on the delays to be expected.

UPDATE 2020-03-17: Following the restrictions now in place in France, related to the confinement aimed at limiting the spread of the virus, we recommend avoiding payments by bank checks and preferring electronic transactions in order to facilitate and guarantee their processing.

You’re now all aware of the current Worldwide situation, in the EU and France. We think we have to keep you informed about this situation for us, and our continuity of service.

Right now, the status remains unchanged: as remote-workers, we’re all working from home for a long time now, so there are no changes in our day-to-day schedules. We ensure the run of our servers and all alwaysdata services will stay up.

If there are any operations scheduled into the Datacenters, they’re all maintained, for maintenance as well as hardware upgrades.

We know that the situation may be difficult especially for classrooms and teachers. We remind you about our Teachers Program: as a teacher, you can freely access 200MB accounts for each of your students. During the COVID-19 lockdown, and to help you to sustain your teaching activity, we upgrade the plan by adding a free 10GB account for the manager teacher account. We are also working on providing you with dedicated access to a Jitsi server to help you organize videoconferences with your classes. We reach you by support ticket about those topics.

Due to the overall situation, all of our conferences are now canceled or postponed.

We’ll keep you informed about the new dates when there is.

We’ll keep this blog post up to date regarding the situation and the decisions made by our government that may impact our activity.

Our team will do everything possible to help you pursue your activity, as a trusted partner.

Take care of you all.