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This is one of our first deci­sions for 2017: the free pack that we offer will now have 100 MB of stor­age space instead of 10 MB (10 times more). This change is not real­ly relat­ed to the cost of the megabyte but rather to the main pur­pose of this offer: to encour­age cus­tomers to test our plat­form. The 10 MB that we had offered until now have become insuf­fi­cient to install many cur­rent appli­ca­tions or libraries.

Same infrastructure, same functionality, no time limit

Since the launch of always­da­ta in 2007, we have offered this ini­tial free offer which is lim­it­ed in stor­age space to allow users to test our host­ing plat­form. We are quite proud of this offer and we will do our best to con­tin­ue to pro­vide it for sev­er­al reasons:

  • Quality: the free offer does not com­pro­mise on its qual­i­ty. The only dif­fer­ence that exists with the oth­er offers that are avail­able in our shared envi­ron­ment lies in the resources that are allo­cat­ed to it. For the rest, every­thing is iden­ti­cal: same func­tion­al­i­ty, same host­ing infra­struc­ture and same qual­i­ty of sup­port. The test­ing con­di­tions are there­fore the real thing in prepa­ra­tion of mov­ing on to a pre­mi­um offer. Also, there is no time lim­it (some cus­tomers have been using this offer since 2007).
  • One of a kind: Even though we can’t be aware of all our com­peti­tors’ offers, a free offer is rather rare in our field. (Please note that we do not insert any adver­tis­ing on the web­sites that we host for free with this offer.)
  • Word of mouth: Being able to test our ser­vices instant­ly with­out pay­ing or even hav­ing to enter a cred­it card is a great way to have new users dis­cov­er alwaysdata.

A few rules to follow

Please let us remind you of the few rules that apply specif­i­cal­ly to our free offer (in addi­tion, of course, to the legal rules that apply to all of our offers):

  • Only one free account is allowed per user.
  • The account must not be used for the sole pur­pose of host­ing a data­base used by an exter­nal service.
  • The account must not be used for prof­it (e‑commerce or com­pa­ny web­site, adver­tis­ing, etc.).

Well, 2017 is off to a good start, isn’t it? :)