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This is one of our first decisions for 2017: the free pack that we offer will now have 100 MB of storage space instead of 10 MB (10 times more). This change is not really related to the cost of the megabyte but rather to the main purpose of this offer: to encourage customers to test our platform. The 10 MB that we had offered until now have become insufficient to install many current applications or libraries.

Same infrastructure, same functionality, no time limit

Since the launch of alwaysdata in 2007, we have offered this initial free offer which is limited in storage space to allow users to test our hosting platform. We are quite proud of this offer and we will do our best to continue to provide it for several reasons:

  • Quality: the free offer does not compromise on its quality. The only difference that exists with the other offers that are available in our shared environment lies in the resources that are allocated to it. For the rest, everything is identical: same functionality, same hosting infrastructure and same quality of support. The testing conditions are therefore the real thing in preparation of moving on to a premium offer. Also, there is no time limit (some customers have been using this offer since 2007).
  • One of a kind: Even though we can’t be aware of all our competitors’ offers, a free offer is rather rare in our field. (Please note that we do not insert any advertising on the websites that we host for free with this offer.)
  • Word of mouth: Being able to test our services instantly without paying or even having to enter a credit card is a great way to have new users discover alwaysdata.

A few rules to follow

Please let us remind you of the few rules that apply specifically to our free offer (in addition, of course, to the legal rules that apply to all of our offers):

  • Only one free account is allowed per user.
  • The account must not be used for the sole purpose of hosting a database used by an external service.
  • The account must not be used for profit (e‑commerce or company website, advertising, etc.).

Well, 2017 is off to a good start, isn’t it? :)