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Today, we realize that a true community has been created among all the users of the alwaysdata platform. The vast majority of you are satisfied with our services, and a privileged relationship was established between us: this can be seen through the exchanges we have had with you through the technical support, but also through the few conferences we have been during the year.

Consequently, you are numerous to speak about us, to recommend us, and we have decided to set up a sponsorship system in order to reward the contributions that bring us new faces to our users. The principle is extremely simple:

  • you communicate your “sponsoring link” (available in the Billing > Sponsorship section) to a person so that he/she signs up with us
  • this person signs up with this link and therefore becomes your protégé (and you his/her sponsor)
  • during 6 months, your protégé enjoys a 10% discount while his payments earn you a 10% commission (available 30 days after payment)

For example:

  • you are Batman and communicate your “sponsoring link” to Catwoman
  • she signs up to our services with this link (and therefore becomes your protégé)
  • she decides to try out our platform during 1 or 2 months thanks to the free pack, and satisfied, she upgrades to a superior offer
  • for example a year of hosting (80 euros ex-Tax) : she receives a 8 euros discount and you earn a commission of 8 euros

Well, this example is not so relevant since Bruce Wayne really does not need to supplement his income. On the other hand, imagine if a web agency comes to host its clients on alwaysdata thanks to you, and quickly subscribes to a dedicated server (as it happens very often)… in this case it quickly becomes interesting, as well as being favorable for everyone.