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Here is a little feedback from our attendance at some recent web conferences, for which we occasionally try to bring the best support we can (generally in the form of sponsoring). More specifically, a small selection of conferences that caught our attention (among those available yet on streaming).

Djangocong, May 21st

A very nice edition of this event, in Rennes, which brings together the Francophone Django user community that we are a part of, every year.

PHP Tour, May 23rd & 24th

The opportunity for PHP users to get together this year, in Clermont-Ferrand, thanks to the AFUP organization and Clermont’ech.

Or watch video of all the conferences on YouTube.

By the way, the opportunity to remind you that the latest version of Thelia is part of alwaysdata’s self-installable applications and PHP 7 has been available since December 7th, 2015.

SudWeb, May 27th and 28th

The not-to-be-missed event of web artisans who came talk about everything and nothing in a variety of different conferences. Another great success in the city of Bordeaux this year.

Not all of the videos are available on SudWeb’s Vimeo channel yet.

E1, June 2nd

And, additionally, a small mention for the E1, a conference which took place in Toulon that I was happily able to attend this year (like last year, by the way). “Failure” was the theme and it resulted in very enlightening conferences. A special thank you to the 43117 collective for organizing this event.

See you at the next events! :)