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Always looking for new features to meet your needs, we are pleased to present one of the latest: the two-factor authentication.

This procedure provides better security to a portal access by verifying, with a sequence of two methods, the identity of the person who is logging on. Various technological families allows the strong authentication: biometrics, digital certificate, QR Code and One Time Password – the one we have chosen as it is accessible through applications on most systems.

This technology is based on an individual secret code-sharing, using the HMAC-based One Time Password (HOTP) algorithm between our database and the applications used by our clients. They reply by sending a single-use security code.

How to use it?

You first need to enable the Two-factor authentication on the Profile tab to have access to your personal secret code and QR code. They will allowing you to set your HOTP application.

Once one of these codes is indicated to your application, Google Authenticator for example, it will return you a single-use security code to give to your next connexions on your management interface.

The special feature of this code is to be renewed every 30 seconds according to an algorithm based on time or counter.


Your feedback and suggestions are expected to constantly improve our services. Tell us if another method would please you!

This feature naturally remains optional.