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Not so long ago, we updated our visual identity. I would like to briefly comment on this evolution, by saying that we received a lot of positive and constructive feedback which not only pleased us, but also enabled us to make a significant number of improvements (though improvements are still necessary in several areas, so keep sending us feedback). Thank you for this.

Following this new layout, new offers were introduced and are visible on our site’s homepage. These are virtual servers, commonly referred to as VPS (Virtual Private Server). The new servers will allow to address the gap that existed in our range of offers until now. Indeed, even if the shared hosting platform offers packages at a very reasonable cost, it has a number of limitations (which are related to sharing), whereas our dedicated servers provide resources whose limits are hard to reach but are more costly.

VPS are located — roughly — between the two, in terms of resources and budget: 1 or 2 cores, from 149 euros per month. Prices are detailed on our pricing page. Let’s also point out that, like all our offers, management of the server is included and installation won’t be charged.

VPSTechnically, we haven’t sacrificed a thing for our VPS to achieve the best possible performances, which are very close to those of a physical server. Our VPS run on QEMU with KVM (therefore on Linux). The drives are SSD and are local (no SAN / NAS), which allows for minimal latency. The memory allocated to the VPS is always fully stored in RAM (DDR4), never in swap.

According to the offer, each VPS has one or two dedicated 3,5 GHz cores, but twice as much in burst mode. In other words, on a VPS with two dedicated cores , the virtual machine will “see” four cores, you can be sure that two of them will be able to use 100 % no matter what. The other two will be usable as long as the other VPS hosted on the same physical machine are not all consuming all their cores (which is usually rare).

Thus, we believe that this offer enriches our platform with the things it missed to complete our range of products and meet most of our clients’ needs, and we remain available for any additional information you may require.