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We are pleased to announce three new devel­op­ments for our shared serv­er offers. All accounts cre­at­ed since April 27th will already enjoy them; for old­er accounts, we expect a glob­al migra­tion into our new infra­struc­ture with­in a few months. We will dis­cuss this lat­er this year.

A more reliable and faster infrastructure

We had already men­tioned the launch of our own infra­struc­ture in 2014. At this time, only our VPS and ded­i­cat­ed servers (and a very lim­it­ed num­ber of shared accounts) took advan­tage of it. From now on, all new shared accounts will be host­ed in that infra­struc­ture. The main advan­tage it offers is more reli­a­bil­i­ty: few­er out­ages caused by fac­tors beyond our control.

The new shared accounts get a sec­ond major improve­ment: from now on, all servers are equipped with SSDs. In many instances, the per­for­mance improve­ment can be very notice­able, both when vis­it­ing sites (espe­cial­ly if they were poor­ly opti­mized) and in dai­ly use (SSH, for exam­ple). In addi­tion, SSDs also help increase reli­a­bil­i­ty, disk over­load being a com­mon cause of dis­rup­tion on the shared servers.

New database server versions

The four data­base servers are avail­able in the lat­est avail­able versions:

Even bet­ter: we revised our archi­tec­ture so we can now offer the lat­est avail­able ver­sions in a much short­er time!

A minor price adjustment

For his­tor­i­cal rea­sons, our pric­ing for VPS, ded­i­cat­ed, and domain name accounts has been pre­sent­ed applic­a­ble tax­es exclud­ed (“HT”), but with tax­es includ­ed (“TTC”) for shared accounts. To stan­dard­ize our pric­ing, we are chang­ing the rates of the shared accounts to tax­es exclud­ed, by round­ing. Thus the prices, which had not changed since 2009, become (tax­es excl.):

  • 10GB pack: €8/month (pre­vi­ous­ly: €7.5), €80/year (pre­vi­ous­ly: €79.16)
  • 20 GB pack: ​​€12/month (pre­vi­ous­ly: €11.6), €120/year (pre­vi­ous­ly: €124.16)
  • 50 GB pack: €25/month (pre­vi­ous­ly: €24.16), €250/year (pre­vi­ous­ly: €257.5)

Older accounts are not affect­ed by these changes, and con­tin­ue to enjoy the pre­vi­ous rates.

Other sig­nif­i­cant improve­ments are planned for this year, one of which is about to launch and will involve all accounts: shared, VPS, and ded­i­cat­ed servers, new and exist­ing customers!