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We are pleased to announce three new developments for our shared server offers. All accounts created since April 27th will already enjoy them; for older accounts, we expect a global migration into our new infrastructure within a few months. We will discuss this later this year.

A more reliable and faster infrastructure

We had already mentioned the launch of our own infrastructure in 2014. At this time, only our VPS and dedicated servers (and a very limited number of shared accounts) took advantage of it. From now on, all new shared accounts will be hosted in that infrastructure. The main advantage it offers is more reliability: fewer outages caused by factors beyond our control.

The new shared accounts get a second major improvement: from now on, all servers are equipped with SSDs. In many instances, the performance improvement can be very noticeable, both when visiting sites (especially if they were poorly optimized) and in daily use (SSH, for example). In addition, SSDs also help increase reliability, disk overload being a common cause of disruption on the shared servers.

New database server versions

The four database servers are available in the latest available versions:

Even better: we revised our architecture so we can now offer the latest available versions in a much shorter time!

A minor price adjustment

For historical reasons, our pricing for VPS, dedicated, and domain name accounts has been presented applicable taxes excluded (“HT”), but with taxes included (“TTC”) for shared accounts. To standardize our pricing, we are changing the rates of the shared accounts to taxes excluded, by rounding. Thus the prices, which had not changed since 2009, become (taxes excl.):

  • 10GB pack: €8/month (previously: €7.5), €80/year (previously: €79.16)
  • 20 GB pack: ​​€12/month (previously: €11.6), €120/year (previously: €124.16)
  • 50 GB pack: €25/month (previously: €24.16), €250/year (previously: €257.5)

Older accounts are not affected by these changes, and continue to enjoy the previous rates.

Other significant improvements are planned for this year, one of which is about to launch and will involve all accounts: shared, VPS, and dedicated servers, new and existing customers!