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Author: Nicolas

With Your Permission

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This arti­cle comes on the heels of an impor­tant update to the admin­is­tra­tive inter­face: we have com­plete­ly reworked the authen­ti­ca­tion sys­tem. So that you can … Keep read­ing

New domain features

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A few changes on the domain admin­is­tra­tion page! We’ve just refreshed it and intro­duced some new actions (only avail­able if you pur­chased or trans­ferred your … Keep read­ing

Beautiful and brand new!

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Indeed, as you’ve prob­a­bly noticed, always­da­ta has enjoyed a facelift with a new graph­ic pre­sen­ta­tion. After near­ly four years of exis­tence, this is the offi­cial launch of … Keep read­ing