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Our last update reveals two new menus in the admin­is­tra­tion inter­face (although we added that this week, it was already avail­able by con­tact­ing us):

  • IP Addresses
  • SSL Certificates

Henceforth, you can even reserve an IP address by choos­ing the coun­try (may be use­ful for SEO, but has no influ­ence on per­for­mance or the actu­al loca­tion of servers) and declare your SSL cer­tifi­cate in .pem for­mat.

You can then con­fig­ure your sub­do­mains (via the detail page of your domain or even from the edit­ing of your site) in order to acti­vate your IP address, with or with­out SSL. Note that the acti­va­tion of an SSL cer­tifi­cate requires a ded­i­cat­ed IP address.