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Indeed, as you’ve probably noticed, alwaysdata has enjoyed a facelift with a new graphic presentation. After nearly four years of existence, this is the official launch of what we call the V3! A new graphic charter, certainly, but that’s not all…

New look

Since the beginning of the adventure, our values and our goals have not changed:

  • support of modern and even state-of-the-art technologies, to our utmost;
  • provide our customers with quick, effective answers as soon as they request our help;
  • make everything simple to use and intuitive.

Achieving that last point is the reason why, over the past few months, we have been striving at improving the user’s experience by simplifying the alwaysdata’s graphic charter, both visually and ergonomically. You’ll find more uniformity to navigate the site with greater ease: all our pages now sport the same colors, in contrast with the purple / blue / green signage that we used to have in V2.

Hence, on all of our tools (our website, the administration panel, the blog, the forum, the documentation, etc.) you will find the same navigation elements to ease your transition from one tool to the other: the navigation bar at the top, and the footer that contains useful links.

Also note that our logo has been simplified for better integration wherever it goes! And as said above, it now comes in only one color; it’s simpler, isn’t it?

Version 1

Version 2

New offers

Besides the shared offers we provide, it’s been some time that, unbeknownst to most, we administer dedicated servers for some customers. It is an activity we like, and we have gradually integrated it with alwaysdata: those customers now enjoy both the benefits of shared servers (a convenient interface to manage their accounts, their boxes as well as their environments) and the performance of a dedicated one.

So today, we officially launch this new offering, which we call “managed dedicated server”, and where various configurations are available. Details can be found at on our new website.

Obviously, and this is specifically mentioned on the site, we can in the same way implement and administer architectures that would require multiple servers, to cater for more specific needs. In these cases, it is what we call “custom hosting”.

A new positioning

It was bound to happen one day, and it already has with our administration interface for that matter: we will begin to internationalize things a little! Now, our website is also displayed in the language of Shakespeare, and so is our blog (as of this article).

InternationalisationIndeed, for some time now, we have been attracting newcomers originating from around the world (China, Canada, USA, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, etc.), and it is inconceivable today to keep presenting our window (the site that presents our offers) only in French!

Therefore, we focus, even more than before, on communicating more globally, more internationally, and on systematic use of English for our various ads. This will therefore be the case on our Twitter, although targeted messages can sometimes be sent in French.

Subsequent events

It took a few weeks of work to put all this together, but not only that. This was also the opportunity to get our act together regarding a few things, so as to make a fresh start once the V3 is finally online… and we’ve just done exactly that! You must have noticed some small improvements (here and there) recently, and along with this, we were able to monitor our new architecture, now ready to welcome some interesting surprises…

Finally, we strongly recommend you send us any comments or suggestions you may wish to make about this new update; or even about anything else: we are constantly listening to you and always remain at your disposal!