To develop our architecture and improve flexibility, we are changing the format of hostnames for access to our FTP, SSH, WebDAV, IMAP, SMTP, and database services. The old hostnames used the format: <service> They are being replaced by the new format: <service>-<account_name> For example, if your account name is “superman”, the FTP server address until […]

Hello everyone, It’s with a slight delay the the alwaysdata team joins together to wish you a 2015 beyond all your expectations. We hope that your projects see ongoing success and that your ideas come to fruition under the best possible conditions! What’s new Let’s take advantage of this chance to give an overview of […]

New episode to keep up with quarterly news (read April’s episode) as follows: The definition of your own domain/key for the DKIM signature for outgoing mail is configurable in your domain’s detail Spam blocking has been improved by adding a selective greylisting (which only affects strongly suspicious hosts) Clients with dedicated servers, through their alwaysdata […]

API version beta

It’s with great pleasure that we announce today the official release of our API in beta version. It’s the official release because the API was already available (in alpha version) for some privileged people who helped us with regular feedback on its use, and it’s the beta version because we will now rely on many […]

Like every quarter, here is the news and other topics in our series, “What’s new” (see the January post): Concerning the Heartbleed security bug: none of our servers were affected by this bug. The certificates used only on our servers do not need to be revoked; Analyze your processes: in order to assist you in […]

Following the recent news about the creation of our own server infrastructure, here are some brand new innovations regarding the dedicated servers we are offering: The range of dedicated servers has been changed and now shows a default configuration: deliberately interspersed with the words “starting on”, this configuration can develop by means of the various […]

In May 2013, we have made a major decision for the future of alwaysdata. After taking nearly nine months to research, compare, calculate, purchase, install, develop, debug, and document, it’s now time to announce it. Our own infrastructure Since its inception in 2007, alwaysdata has relied on third-party providers (mainly OVH, Online, Hetzner and Amazon) […]

Here’s the news from the first 2014 edition of our “What’s new” series (reread the September edition): A new, lighter documentation platform that’s online; we’re also counting on your feedback for improvement, so that it will be as complete as possible. Abuse notification form: In order to best prevent abuse (spam, phishing, etc.), we can […]

From 2013 to 2014

Dear readers, the Alwaysdata team wishes you a happy 2014. We hope it brings you joy, happiness, health, and success in all your projects! On this last point, our 2013 was magnificent and 2014 looks to be even better. Growth Thanks to the strong growth of our platform since its release (in 2007), this year […]

The reactivity of our administration panel has been greatly improved: almost all operations that require several seconds of processing are now performed asynchronously. All the sites of our customers are now reachable through HTTPS by default, without the need of a dedicated IP or SSL certificate. The certificate returned is * Support for IPv6 with […]