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The most anticipated « feature » by many of our users has finally arrived : alwaysdata’s administration panel is now available in English. No more guessing or Google-translate-ing required !

We knew since the beginning – more than 2 years ago – that we would eventually translate alwaysdata into English. That became more urgent as the number of our users not speaking a single word of French increased. We were really pleased to see that people all over the world (we have users coming from dozens of different countries!) chose alwaysdata for their hosting, despite the struggle to understand how our panel worked.

As you know, English is not our mother language. Although we have no problem understanding it, expressing ourselves in English is a bit more difficult. You will certainly notice that some sentences are poorly written or don’t « feel » right. Don’t hesitate to send us better translations, even for one word !

Actually, you can do even better : we have setup an open translation platform that allows anyone to help us translating alwaysdata. Anything from a tiny change to starting translating into a new language is welcome !

Our administration panel is entirely translated, except for a few minor strings (the plan names, for instance). More is to come, though : our website, the wiki, the forum… will also get translated in the next few weeks.

Enjoy !