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The most anti­ci­pa­ted « fea­ture » by many of our users has final­ly arri­ved : always­da­ta’s admi­nis­tra­tion panel is now avai­lable in English. No more gues­sing or Google-trans­late-ing required !

We knew since the begin­ning – more than 2 years ago – that we would even­tual­ly trans­late always­da­ta into English. That became more urgent as the num­ber of our users not spea­king a single word of French increa­sed. We were real­ly plea­sed to see that people all over the world (we have users coming from dozens of dif­ferent coun­tries!) chose always­da­ta for their hos­ting, des­pite the struggle to unders­tand how our panel worked.

As you know, English is not our mother lan­guage. Although we have no pro­blem unders­tan­ding it, expres­sing our­selves in English is a bit more dif­fi­cult. You will cer­tain­ly notice that some sen­tences are poor­ly writ­ten or don’t « feel » right. Don’t hesi­tate to send us bet­ter trans­la­tions, even for one word !

Actually, you can do even bet­ter : we have setup an open trans­la­tion plat­form that allows anyone to help us trans­la­ting always­da­ta. Anything from a tiny change to star­ting trans­la­ting into a new lan­guage is welcome !

Our admi­nis­tra­tion panel is enti­re­ly trans­la­ted, except for a few minor strings (the plan names, for ins­tance). More is to come, though : our web­site, the wiki, the forum… will also get trans­la­ted in the next few weeks.

Enjoy !