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Two weeks ago, we announced a huge revamp of our marketplace. This new version allows you to install several Web apps effortlessly in 1‑click into your account.

Since then, we1) continued our scripting work, here’s the result!


What the Web could be without the various languages frameworks we use every day to power our apps?

We’re Pythonistas here at alwaysdata, especially happy with the Django framework that power many components of our stack. However, we know that what makes the Web realm so exciting is its diversity. So we choose to give you the ability to deploy most of the known Web frameworks in 1‑click!

We built Hello World examples for all of them, and that’s what you’ll deploy when installing it. Here’s the brand-new list:

Administration Panel: 1-click install, frameworks list
Administration Panel: 1‑click install, frameworks list
  • CakePHP: Modern PHP 7 framework
  • Django: High-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design
  • Express.js: Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js
  • Flask: Microframework for Python based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2 and good intentions
  • Laravel: PHP Framework for Web Artisans
  • Macaron: A highly productive and modular web framework in Go
  • Phoenix: A productive web framework for Elixir
  • Ruby on Rails: Famous web application development framework written in Ruby
  • Sailor: A Lua MVC web framework
  • Sinatra: DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby
  • Symfony: PHP components and PHP framework for web projects
  • Zend: Professional PHP packages ready for PHP 7

Once installed, feel free to access your account remotely, from (s)FTP to WebDAV to work on it, make some tests, and unleash the power of the Web applications!

Also new apps

With this release of new scripts come new apps too! We added support for:

  • Connecthys: Open source Web portal for managing multi-activities
  • Kinto: JSON document store with sharing and synchronisation capabilities
  • Omeka (S and Classic): Web publishing platforms for sharing digital collections

More are coming soon, we continue to make the list growing everyday!

Frameworks are the second step for our marketplace. We’re always working at writing install scripts for new apps and Web solutions. Coming soon is the third article of the series that will bring you the whole power of this platform.

Stay tuned and, Ho!, it’s nearly December! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed as we’ve got many surprises for this advent period 🎁!


1Big up again to Héloïse 🙏