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Web archi­tec­tures became more and more com­plex. Understanding how they work, and how to use them, is a big chal­lenge. Our engi­neers start­ed to work with Internet stuff a long time ago1), and if we had to learn every­thing from scratch today, we prob­a­bly face an entire­ly dif­fer­ent chal­lenge. Because we had the chance to be there for a long time2), we think it’s our job to help new­com­ers to be able to learn in the best conditions.

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Teaching program for teachers

Say you’re a teacher or an IT school, and you greet new stu­dents for a cours­es cycle. They will learn how Web appli­ca­tions or ser­vices work, how to devel­op them, how to push them in pro­duc­tion. So you need to pro­vide them with a pro­duc­tion stack, mean­ing at least an HTTP serv­er, prob­a­bly a data­base, and the lan­guage you’re ready to teach them, from Node.js to Python. You real­ly don’t want to spend an entire hour (at least) to help them to set up their envi­ron­ment. Nor to pro­vide them with Virtual Machines which won’t run on every­one com­put­ers. And I don’t tell you about the fact they will need to deliv­er a project at the very end that you will have to test and review.

Why don’t rely on a ready-to-use solu­tion to address the envi­ron­ment issue?

Here’s our plan with the teach­ing pro­gram. We want to make part­ner­ships with peo­ple in charge of IT stu­dents. Using this pro­gram, teach­ers can pro­vide their stu­dents with a full-pro­vi­sioned environment.

To get it, just sign up for an account as a teacher, and open a tick­et to ask us about the teacher plan, men­tion­ing which course(s) and school you’re teach­ing for. We will update your pro­file to a teacher one. This pro­file allows you to:

  • cre­ate as many free plans as you need (one per student)
  • increase the lim­it of each plan to 200MB
  • use your per­mis­sions lay­er to give each stu­dent all rights to per­form actions on its account by attach­ing its e‑mail to
  • not get your IP black­list­ed by our secu­ri­ty lay­er when we will detect mas­sive requests from all of your students

That’s all! All your stu­dents now have access to a ded­i­cat­ed free plan, where they can use all the fea­tures of our plat­form: lan­guages, unlim­it­ed data­bas­es, as many sites as they need, etc. You, as a teacher, keep the con­trol on their accounts and can revoke their access at any time.

This pro­gram is free of charge for teach­ers in pub­lic schools. Contact us if you’re a pri­vate insti­tu­tion to build a partnership!

And still 50% for students

We know that, as a stu­dent, we often need some host­ing plan for our side-projects, port­fo­lios, open source tools, etc. Your stu­dent or unem­ployed sta­tus does­n’t mean you must give up to high-qual­i­ty ser­vice. That’s why we offer com­plete access to all our plans with a 50% dis­count for all stu­dents and unem­ployed peo­ple. Don’t hes­i­tate to ask for it!

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1 I per­son­al­ly built my first web­site more than 20 years ago
2 who said we’re dinos‽