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Web architectures became more and more complex. Understanding how they work, and how to use them, is a big challenge. Our engineers started to work with Internet stuff a long time ago1), and if we had to learn everything from scratch today, we probably face an entirely different challenge. Because we had the chance to be there for a long time2), we think it’s our job to help newcomers to be able to learn in the best conditions.

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Teaching program for teachers

Say you’re a teacher or an IT school, and you greet new students for a courses cycle. They will learn how Web applications or services work, how to develop them, how to push them in production. So you need to provide them with a production stack, meaning at least an HTTP server, probably a database, and the language you’re ready to teach them, from Node.js to Python. You really don’t want to spend an entire hour (at least) to help them to set up their environment. Nor to provide them with Virtual Machines which won’t run on everyone computers. And I don’t tell you about the fact they will need to deliver a project at the very end that you will have to test and review.

Why don’t rely on a ready-to-use solution to address the environment issue?

Here’s our plan with the teaching program. We want to make partnerships with people in charge of IT students. Using this program, teachers can provide their students with a full-provisioned environment.

To get it, just sign up for an account as a teacher, and open a ticket to ask us about the teacher plan, mentioning which course(s) and school you’re teaching for. We will update your profile to a teacher one. This profile allows you to:

  • create as many free plans as you need (one per student)
  • increase the limit of each plan to 200MB
  • use your permissions layer to give each student all rights to perform actions on its account by attaching its e‑mail to
  • not get your IP blacklisted by our security layer when we will detect massive requests from all of your students

That’s all! All your students now have access to a dedicated free plan, where they can use all the features of our platform: languages, unlimited databases, as many sites as they need, etc. You, as a teacher, keep the control on their accounts and can revoke their access at any time.

This program is free of charge for teachers in public schools. Contact us if you’re a private institution to build a partnership!

And still 50% for students

We know that, as a student, we often need some hosting plan for our side-projects, portfolios, open source tools, etc. Your student or unemployed status doesn’t mean you must give up to high-quality service. That’s why we offer complete access to all our plans with a 50% discount for all students and unemployed people. Don’t hesitate to ask for it!

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1I personally built my first website more than 20 years ago
2who said we’re dinos‽