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It’s already mid-September, which prob­a­bly means you’re now back to work. It also implies it’s time for us to retake the road and greet you with a wave! More than ever, we con­sid­er as cru­cial to share with oth­ers our thoughts and feed­back about tech­nolo­gies, secu­ri­ty, and privacy.

Without fur­ther delay, here’s our already con­firmed pro­gram for this fall 2018 edition:

  • Sept. 19: LTArena (Amiens, France), Privacy By Design(FR)
  • Sept. 27: La Tech Amienoise (Amiens, France), Zero Knowledge Architecture(FR)
  • Oct. 6 – 7: PyconFR, (Lille, France), La Crypto pour les devs(FR), Full-remote, guide de survie en envi­ron­nement dis­tant(FR)
  • Oct. 18 – 19: Connect.Tech (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), Crypto for devs(EN)
  • Oct. 24 – 25: Blend Web Mix (Lyon, France), Privacy By Design, the hard way(FR) ; here’s a quick intro­duc­tion, in French:

We’re wait­ing some oth­er events’ answers, like Capitole du Libre, POSS, DevDay… We expect to see you there too!

Organizing our events tour is a long-term task, that’s why we’re already plan­ning 2019 events. If you want to see us in Quebec for the ConFoo.ca edi­tion, please read our pro­pos­als and upvote them.

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See you there!