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First of all, the alwaysdata team joins me in wishing you a… normal year? 😊 In these strange times, we are of course choosing to prioritize health in order to support you.

To make it short but sweet, it’s time to look back (2021), and to look forward (2022) to everything that might interest you, including the changelog and the roadmap for our infrastructure and its functions.

What happened in 2021

  • Introduction of services facilitating the implementation of programs supervised around the clock, such as Celery, Redis, memcached, Mattermost, Datadog, etc.
  • Docker: now supported if you have a Private Cloud
  • HTTP/2: deployment on all of our infrastructure (Public Cloud, Private Clouds)
  • Emails :
    • Incoming: possibility of creating a whitelist in order to override our antispam
    • Outgoing: history available on the administration interface
  • SSL Certificates: management of SAN certificates (multidomain)
  • Languages: NET now officially supported
  • Domains: automatic renewal now available with bank account (SEPA)
  • Quotas: for the Private Cloud, the account limits can be defined for the server or for products (for resellers)
  • Offers :
    • simplification of our site so as to present the Public Cloud and Private Cloud more clearly
    • removal of the Catalyst term that designated our Private Cloud offer

2022: what we can do together

  • Recruitment: “Byte sculptor” — Linux + Python — Remote working
  • Monitoring: addition of consumption graphs (CPU, RAM, disk, etc.) for your servers and your accounts
  • Statistics: replacement of the shared platform Matomo for a home tool, so as to provide you with simple statistics, in real time, about the traffic to your sites. The current management leads to cumbersome processing of HTTP logs and a 48-hour delay in the provision of statistics. However, Matomo can still be used and remains available (and can be installed in 2 clicks) in our Marketplace.
  • External backups: in addition to the automatic daily backups (over 30 days) included in all of our offers, it will soon be possible to configure external backups with the system of your choosing (S3 compatible)
  • HTTP/3: the recent redesign of our front end HTTP proxy to manage HTTP/2 means that we are helping you use the implementation of this protocol in a more efficient way this year.

Support us ❤️

As always, we are available to assist you with your projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we would be delighted to give you some guidance.

Also, don’t hesitate to give us a little helping hand: there are numerous ways to do this, from leaving us a comment to simply spreading the word about us 😉

All the best for the new year!