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We made ​​some changes to our mechanism for sending emails. Up to now, each SMTP server sent all emails from the same IP address. However, emails considered spam (beyond a certain SpamAssassin score) were blocked. Consequently, the reputation of this unique IP address was average.

From now on, outgoing emails will be sorted into 3 categories, according to their quality. Emails considered of good quality will be sent via IP A, those considered of average quality will be sent via IP B, and those of poor quality will be sent via IP C. Emails of very poor quality will continue to be blocked — the threshold has also been lowered.

Clean” emails will thus be sent from an IP whose reputation is currently better, thus improving the deliverability. Of course, the IP address is only one factor among others: sending from an IP with a very good reputation does not guarantee that emails will not be considered spam, but it helps.

Furthermore, we now offer the opportunity to subscribe to a dedicated IP for sending emails. It costs the same price as the dedicated IP HTTP — 5 €/month — this will allow you to have a reputation that depends only on your own mailings.