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We made ​​some changes to our mech­a­nism for send­ing emails. Up to now, each SMTP serv­er sent all emails from the same IP address. However, emails con­sid­ered spam (beyond a cer­tain SpamAssassin score) were blocked. Consequently, the rep­u­ta­tion of this unique IP address was average.

From now on, out­go­ing emails will be sort­ed into 3 cat­e­gories, accord­ing to their qual­i­ty. Emails con­sid­ered of good qual­i­ty will be sent via IP A, those con­sid­ered of aver­age qual­i­ty will be sent via IP B, and those of poor qual­i­ty will be sent via IP C. Emails of very poor qual­i­ty will con­tin­ue to be blocked — the thresh­old has also been lowered.

Clean” emails will thus be sent from an IP whose rep­u­ta­tion is cur­rent­ly bet­ter, thus improv­ing the deliv­er­abil­i­ty. Of course, the IP address is only one fac­tor among oth­ers: send­ing from an IP with a very good rep­u­ta­tion does not guar­an­tee that emails will not be con­sid­ered spam, but it helps.

Furthermore, we now offer the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sub­scribe to a ded­i­cat­ed IP for send­ing emails. It costs the same price as the ded­i­cat­ed IP HTTP — 5 €/month — this will allow you to have a rep­u­ta­tion that depends only on your own mailings.