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The alwaysdata team and I wish you an excellent 2011. As usual, we will be working most diligently to improve our service and continue to innovate. Let’s review what we’ve done in 2010…

Lots of activity in 2010…

We dedicated a lot of time to the development, launch and refinement of our new HTTP architecture. To date, we have hardly exploited all the possibilities which were engendered by this major evolution, but we are already benefitting with a better overall stability, access and error logs in real time, wildcard domains, SSL, Passenger/mod_wsgi in beta…

2010 also saw the launch of the third version of our site, bi-lingually in both French and English, and new offerings of dedicated servers. Our administration interface was translated into four new languages, which brings the total to 10, and soon there will be more.

Naturally, numerous smaller improvements were made throughout the year, and larger efforts today are almost complete and will be put into production very soon.

… to assure a successful 2011

As for new features, 2011 should be particularly fruitful thanks to efforts undertaken in 2010. It’s a fair guess to say that we’ll find:

  • a brand new statistics interface
  • MongoDB and CouchDB support
  • official support for SSL, Passenger et mod_wsgi (these are already available on demand)
  • HTTP cache support for improved performance
  • ability to edit the Apache configuration
  • a partial renovation of our administration interface, with primary focus on domain configuration

We also plan to improve a number of relatively minor points: DKIM support, renovation of 1‑clic applications, PostgreSQL permissions handling, etc.

And a few items that will really surprise you…